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In My Kitchen

July 15, 2014

I’m a big fan of ‘home tours’ on blogs. I love to see everyones interior design ideas, unique decorations and really, just being a ‘nosy neighbour.’ I always wonder about some people’s homes – what they look like, where they cook, eat, hang out. Whenever one is featured, I’ll definitely take a peek. 


I usually post photos of food – not many of me, the house etc. However, if you follow me on Instagram (@AliciaBakeaholic) I post more selfies than shellfish. I always love a good selfie. There’s usually a few pictures of Lainey and Adam in there too. 

After recently painting the kitchen white (I’m sure people think I’m crazy because it was pretty light before, but it was the ‘painters beige’ they used when we bought it, and I hated it. It wasn’t white). I wish we could have picked colours for the house when they were building it, but alas no paint colour options were available – Don’t get me started on the struggle over if we could choose the white countertops or not (in the end we could, for a price)

We’ve actually only ‘really’ painted a few rooms since we moved in (the bedroom, one wall in the guest room, one wall in the office, entrance way and living room). I obviously love white, and add colour with decor or cookbooks (I colour-code them). I’ll admit, the entrance way is really a small difference, however I can tell it’s a light grey, instead of the beige. Yeah, I’m crazy like that. Poor Adam.

So when I finished painting in the absurd heat this past weekend I thought I’d take the opportunity to share our kitchen after living here a year and a half. Don’t be fooled (I know my mother isn’t) that it doesn’t always look like this. In real life there would be: a million dirty dishes, flour, icing sugar and more on the floor and ceiling, dropped ingredients, some piled up papers, and a few dog treats left on the ground. 

I’m always curious where people cook and bake, so here’s my little (big!) kitchen that I absolutely love. The island was one of the biggest selling features when we were looking to buy. It’s Adam and I’s first home together, and my first ever brand-new home.

When we bought the house I said I really wanted floor to ceiling bookshelves. Being the lucky girl I am, Adam made my dream come true. They are just what I wanted, open shelving with cabinets at the bottom. What you can’t see: DVDs, Serving Dishes, Pantry items and more. Another DIY is the chalkboard wall – fun for leaving messages, reminders or as a sign for birthday parties etc. 

Welcome to my kitchen :) where all the (delicious) magic happens.

alicia bakeaholic kitchen

I have a love for cookbooks. I like to peruse them, read them, bookmark my favourite go-to recipes and take in the artful recipe photos. I started colour-coordinating them, however the left hand side is sort of a mashup of books. I started grouping the ‘vegan’ ones together, along with wheat-free. I think the majority of my cookbooks these days are vegetarian, vegan or wheat-free simply because the recipes and food photography is so gorgeous. 

books3bookski kitchen bake kitchen alicia bakeaholickitchnkitchen bkaehaolic kithcen shelf

 Things I still want to do: the backsplash. When they were building our house I actually asked if they could leave it off all together, as I really didn’t like the dark penny-tile. They said they had to put it up in order to pass inspection, so alas I was stuck. I would love subway tile, in white (shock) or a marble. Maybe even a pale clear blue. 

Thanks for stopping by :)



Torre and Tagus Warehouse Sale

June 1, 2013

Another quickie post! (yesterday’s was a quickie protein waffle post.) This time, it’s for housewares.


Adam’s cousin has a blog called Lofty Goods where she features how to save and find steals and deals for home goods and clothes etc. She is always on the lookout for a good deal, and shares it on her blog or Facebook. Last christmas there was a warehouse sale she told us about at Torre and Tagus. It’s a home goods store that doesn’t usually open to the public, however they have two big sale each year. I never actually went to it in December, however Adam stopped by on his way home from work and picked up a few goodies. So, when I heard about their June sale I knew I had to go.

We went early this morning for the opening day – and were not disappointed. We found a few good deals, everything is 50% off! As the two weeks go on the markdowns get better, up to 75% off, of course the stock goes down as well and the ‘good stuff’ usually goes within the first few days/week. But I might think about going back closer to the last day to see what’s left. I would have left with several more serving plates, however, Adam made me limit my intake. Apparently we have enough already 😉

We had more in the ‘box’ to begin with, but as we kept looking I changed my mind on some things, and found new things with each stroll down the aisle. They have hosuewares, home decor, big items such as side tables, lamps, barstools etc.

If you want to visit, Torre & Tagus located in Richmond, at the corner of Steveston HWY and No. 5 road. (Suite 150-11188 Featherstone Way.) They are open 7 days a week, 9-5 until June 15th, or until stock runs out.

I must say – it is also the most organized and well run sale I’ve ever been to. The parking lot is spacious with people directing cars. The inside is well stocked, and you get a big box when you enter to ‘fill up’ like a cart. Bonus – the lineup moves quickly. They have one cashier per person, with two people telling them the price, and a third person packaging and wrapping up the items – needless to say it is a smooth and easy checkout with so many people at each register.

** You do need to bring a non-parishable item to enter, donated to the food bank **






Didn’t buy these guys, but Adam said he would have had he seen them (I just snapped a pic) – 6$, now $3 each, and only $1.50 for the little one now


A food bloggers paradise – I use a lot of white dishes, but these beautifully coloured ones would be great for food styling! I also wanted to get a domed lid / slate combo for cheese, but Adam put the kibosh on that (too much stuff!)


Our box – loaded up.

Here’s what we bought:



White clock – reg $16 (got for $8), two wood platters *under clock* $14 (got for $7 each), bamboo salad tongs $6 (got for $3 each), wood serving bowl / dip & chip $20 (got for $10), and three green and three white bamboo bowls $5 each (got for $2.50) and White Metal Stools $60 (got for $30 each!!) to match our barstools, thought we could use these on the patio and end of our dining room table for extra seating!



green candle lanterns $8 (got for $4), white rectangle cake plate $30 (got for $15), white heavy flower candle holders $20 (got for $10), random pieces of driftwood /wood $1.50 (got for .75 cents each), Green water pitcher $12 (got for $6), white bowl $25 (got for $12.50) small matching bowl $6 (got for $3)



And my FAVOURITE thing – the cooler – I have wanted one for the deck since we moved in, but Adam never let me buy one 😉 they are usually pretty expensive for just the basin at homesense etc, but here it was $50 for the stand and basin, which we got for $25! Major steal for both items!



Can you handle it

February 19, 2013

Seeing as how I posted about my handy man for Valentine’s Day – I thought I should post the next chapter in our DIY built in bookshelves.

When we bought our bottom cabinets I knew that I wanted a handle on the doors that matched the opposite side of the kitchen. I had originally seen the idea for horizontal hardware on cabinet doors one of my favourite home decor blogs, House Tweaking.  I loved the idea of doing the hardware so that it is streamline and not up and down – it’s also easier to open.

I was happy to see when we moved in that the hardware was already like that (above). One thing we really loved about our place when we first went to the show room was the finishings – they used really great hardware and everything was just what I had imagined I would want in a kitchen.

We thought maybe we would change the door handles on the other side of the kitchen, but I like everything to match, as usual, so we decided to use the same style handles.

We had looked at IKEA, however theirs were slightly longer than we needed – they come in a pack of two for $14.99

We found some at Home Depot – that were a little pricier at $8.00 each

We wanted them to fit in the middle of the doors at the top, so that the ends of the handles were between the shaker trim. The ones at IKEA were a little too big, bigger than the ones on our current cabinets, and overhung on either sides of the trim of the cabinet door.

We ended up buying 8 of the Home Depot ones – for $64 + tax. While they fit perfectly in between the trim of the door, it was a bit pricey for handles.

We didn’t really search much further, figuring RONA would be about the same price. However, when we went to pick up some lumber that Nash had ordered for us for the top of the cabinets from Windsor Plywood, I realized the lumber store sold cabinet hardware as well.

Well, it was the exact width we wanted, the 5 1/4″ handles that we ended up buying, and they were a fraction of the price – regularly priced at $3.99 each. D’oh. Next time we’ll look a little further – too bad they were already screwed onto the doors!

Oh well – now we know!

First we decided how low we wanted the handles – the first measurement was 1 inch down from the top of the cupboard, but it felt a little too close to the top for grasping it, taking into account the lip of the countertop as well. The second measurement we made was exactly halfway from the top, and it worked much better.

Mark along the cupboards with a pencil

Drill your holes with a 1/8” drill bit

Then screw the screws in the back into the handle

Thanks to handy Adam – we now have a handle on it. Excuse the pun.

Second part of our built in’s finished – and a word to the wise, don’t buy cabinet hardware from Home Desperate before looking around more first.