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Sister-In-Law Vancouver Sun Run

April 21, 2015

This past weekend I ran my first ever!!! race – the Vancouver Sun Run. It’s a big tradition for Vancouver, being Canada’s largest road race.

At the beginning of the year my sister in law Tara asked if I wanted to run it with our other sister in law Val (to-be!) and my other soon-to-be sister in law Erin (Adam’s sister). I’ve never ran any races, but have run on my own before on and off – as in, I’ll get into a rhythm of running, then stop for a month or two. So when I purchased my entry fee I knew I had to actually run and not stop practicing. 

I was excited to be a part of it, having never done anything that big before – there were approximately 40,000 participants in the Sun Run this year. It’s definitely fun once you’re down there, lots of people walking around all the closed streets. It’s pretty awesome to be running in downtown Vancouver, and then run over two main bridges, the Burrard St Bride and the Cambie St. Bridge – Although going up the bridge was a whole different story. Actually, the ascend to the first bridge was a struggle haha, as I usually run on pretty flat areas. I joked with Tara that she had to push me up the hill (which she almost did 😉 )

We woke up at 6am to have breakfast and head downtown via the sky train. The race has waves of starts, with the elites first. We were down there early to check a bag for the courier at the end of the race, so we ended up waiting around for a while. Our wave didn’t leave til about 9:30, so it was a good three and a half hours of waiting before actually running.

Having never run a race, and starting with a 10k (almost an 11 when you add in the hills etc) i’m pretty happy with myself. We ran it in  about an hour 10 minutes. There are so many people running that you do a lot of people dodging – and we all wanted to stick together – it wasn’t a real ‘race’ – more for fun. 

The only downside was after the race we went to have lunch, and when i got home later that day i felt quite sick, and ended up with food poisoning – not so good. I’m just happy it was after the race, and not before. I’ve only had food poisoning a couple of times before and it sucks. needless to say i was in bed most of sunday and all of monday, having to stay home from work. thankfully i felt better enough to eat some plain white toast and broth monday night after not being able to keep anything down whatsoever sunday night/monday morning. i went to work today, still not feeling 100% but felt that i had better go in. moral of the story – stick to post-race celebratory drinks, not green salads + chicken. 

it was a great weekend – and i’d definitely do the Vancouver Sun Run again!


yup – we even had matching jackets


post race!


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14 things for 2014

January 5, 2014

this week

  1. Planning our wedding (p.s. we got engaged!! post here) – I’ve only bought one wedding book, because well, I couldn’t resist. I’m trying to not go overboard – yet.  Pinterest is a wedding planning bonanza. We’ve also looked at a few venues which is super exciting.
  2. Engagement Party – Our parents are holding an engagement party with close family and friends at the end of the month. It’s the first official celebration and real beginning of our wedding adventure! I am so looking forward to it.
  3. Adam’s 30th Birthday – Adam’s big 3-0 is at the beginning of March. I’m looking forward to planning a big bash for him to enjoy.
  4. Learning more about photography – I was super excited to receive a Tripod for Christmas, and I really want to learn more about my cameras possibilities and how to properly use the settings.
  5. Organization – We’ve lived in the house a year, and boy have we filled it up! 2014 will be the year of organizing, getting rid of excess and sanity 😉
  6. Blogging – In December I officially began writing as a freelance writer for VancityBuzz – a local Vancouver blog – as a recipe developer. I am so looking forward to continuing to share my recipes and food photography.
  7. Spending time with friends – I love hosting get togethers and dinners with friends.  I bought Adam some games for Christmas so I’m hoping some game nights are in the future. 
  8. Planning a trip away – last year we went to Vegas for a weekend, but I’m hoping maybe this year we can plan a little getaway too. 
  9. Routines – I’m hoping we can get back into a good all around routine – eating healthy, being active, work and life balance. 
  10. Trying out new recipes – 2013 brought about lots of changes in diet due to food allergies. I also tried out vegan recipes. I would love to continue to explore and experiment with new recipes for the blog!
  11. Read more books – I bought a handful of novels towards the end of 2013 and I’ve read only a couple. I would love to set aside more time for reading – less for technology. 
  12. Turning 26 – I thought turning 25 would be crazy, but I am excited for what 26 brings!
  13. Spending more time with Family – Spending time over the holidays with both our families was great, I love being with family – especially at your parents because you feel like a kid again. I love family dinners, and spending time with our adorable little niece.
  14. Being adventurous – who knows what 2014 will hold, but I’m ready to explore all that it’s got!

Vancouver Food Blogger Meet Up!

June 12, 2012


Food Blogger

Meet up!

Are you a Food Blogger / Baker in the Vancouver Area?

Want to meet other bloggers who love to cook & bake too?!??

Join me & other local bloggers for a

Picnic in the Park!

When: July 8-  one  o’clock PM

Where: Central Park Burnaby – Info and Directions can be found HERE

BYOB: Bring your own Baked Goods to share!

A chance to meet outside the blogosphere/twitter & taste all the delicious food we see on each other’s blogs!


I look forward to meeting some of you who I have met online through our love of food!

Feel free to bring family members, friends, and other lovers of all things food. There are picnic tables, but also bring a blanket, chairs, etc. and hopefully we will have some sunny weather by then!

 Looking forward to meeting everyone who loves food and baking as much as I do! I’m planning on getting there early to set up, and hopefully see everyone at 1 pm!


We will be set up near the Lower Pond – beside the Pitch & Putt. The parking lot at this entrance isn’t huge, but there are other parking lots, and you can walk through the park to get to this area as well. Adam and I will be there early to set things up! Looking forward to meeting everyone!

here is the link to the park map!

See you Sunday!