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A Wedding Shower & Housewarming In One

June 23, 2009



I was asked by a friend if I could make a cake for a wedding shower/house warming party. She had looked online and gotten a few ideas, and I told her to e-mail me what she would like. I was so happy to see which cake she had chosen! I had always wanted a Tiffany & Co little blue box cake! And as a plus, the bride to be was named Tiffany! So it was perfect. I decided to make a large blue box for the bridal shower cake, and two matching little cakes for the houswarming. The shower was pink themed as well, so I wanted to tie it in with the cake. I also made tiffany colored cupcakes to go with it, with little mini white fondant bows to match. Now, I had used fondant before to decorate cakes and cupcakes, but never for an entire cake covering! It was really easy and fun. If you have’t decorated one before with it, I would definitely try it out!

Needless to say the bride to be loved the cakes! She saved one of the smaller pink boxes to bring home to her fiance! Here are some pictures of the finished cake, and a couple of the bride to be and myself!

Val, The Bride to be Tiffany & Me