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Copycat Recipe: Cranberry Pecan Crisp Crackers

May 22, 2014


If you live in BC you’ve probably been to a party where there’s a cheese platter lined with crackers, and immediately you find your favourite – the Rain Coast Crisp. These are definitely my go-to when I see a cracker and cheese platter. They’re a lightly sweet, thin almond chewy-crunchy cracker that can be topped with anything. They’re almost like a cookie-chip – you can’t have just one.

So, when I learned about my allergies with wheat I had to cross off lots of crackers (and even most cheese). However, I found a recipe online that is an exact copy of the cracker that you can make in your own home, at a fraction of the price. Plus, they can be wheat and gluten free to fit the needs of those with food allergies. 

The crackers are super versatile, you can add in any combination of nuts, seeds and dried fruit you like. A yummy combination might be dried blueberry and walnut, or cranberry and poppy seed. 

This week I shared the copycat recipe over on VanCity Buzz – be sure to head over there for the recipe and check it out!



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