Fusion Fest 2011

July 17, 2011

This weekend Adam and I visited the annual Fusion Festival  held just down the street from us! It is a celebration of all different nations including the celebration of food, culture and music. It is a two day event, and there is usually hot summer weather to accompany the festival, but seeing as how we are being termed ‘raincouver,’ we saw no sun. It would have been great if the sun came out even just for an hour or two, but nonetheless people still came out to enjoy the delicious food and take in the sights!

We got there just in time to catch the end of the nation parade.

There were lots of people dressed up in their nations clothing, and dancing as well as singing.

Of course we had to visit the Italy tent. My people after all! Nothing beats delicious Italian food.

Adam had his eye on the calzone style pizza. Filled with stringy mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, pepperoni and sauce. I really wanted a cannoli, but for 5$ it didn’t look that great.

While I had my sights on the delicious Tandoori Chicken being BBQ’d. Love the colour of this dish!


Adam wanted this sweet empanada the moment we walked in the gates. And, with only 3$ worth of tokens left, it seemed like a good choice. It was incredibly flakey, and the filling was not too sweet. Definitely hit the spot.


We also went to a farm today as well! But, that’ll be another post! I just love how farm markets, festivals and events are readily available on weekends to visit during the summer! Except, with this rain it’s not feeling a whole lot like summer! Though ‘vancouverites’ have grown accustomed to the weather, and therefore leave the house with an umbrella and BENCH rain jacket in tow, even in the middle of summer. I hope that next weekend will be a little nicer!

Hope you all had a great weekend – rain or shine!






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    It sounds so good. I would go next year

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