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Hidden Treasure Cake

April 12, 2008

For Good Friday I made another lemon cake. This time it had a surprise! A Lemon Jell-O tunnel in the cake! I also tried my first ever basket weave! It was a little harder with whipped cream instead of frosting, but I think it turned out alright for my first time!

I got the inspiration from Kraft and the recipe for Hidden Treasure Cake, but instead of an angel food cake, I made a lemon cake to go with the lemon Jell-o filling, and whipped cream frosting.

After Baking the two cake rounds, cut and dig out a tunnel on the bottom layer of the cake. Fill the middle with the lemon Jell-O

I topped it with a little sugar nest! and Mini Eggies

A birds eye view!

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  • Reply Susan April 7, 2012 at 6:58 PM

    I make this all the time. I love it and my family loves it.

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