February 20, 2011


Hola! Back from Mexico!! It was so nice and relaxing. But now we’re back in cold, wet Vancouver. Adam and I would much rather be back on the sandy beaches infront of the resort! We ate so much delicious food, I think I could not eat for a week and still be full. Every morning we went to the big breakfast buffet. Adam loaded his plate with a made-to-order omelet, bacon, sausage, hasbrowns, and french toast. Followed by cereal, yogurt and fruit.


Seeing as how I have a slight egg allergy, I stayed away from it and started each morning with the most delicious tropical infused french toast, 3 pieces, a sausage once or twice, fruit, yogurt and granola. And we both followed all that by freshly baked pastries.


Yup, I could not eat for a week and still be full. Lunch was usually chips, salsa and guacamole or something from the buffet, if we could stomach anymore food after breakfast. Dinner we had either the themed buffet, or went to the restaurant to have a sit down dinner. The salmon was so good, I had it two nights in a row. We followed lunch and dinner by a plateful of dessert, and on the nights we chose the a la carte menu, we would share a dessert there and then bring some desserts from the buffet back to the room for a little late night sweet tooth. Overall, we ate our fair share of what the all-inclusive resort offered. Cabo and San Jose were both beautiful. We took two boat rides over to the arch, one during the day and one sunset cruise. We also both got burnt the second to last day, and the last day was the hottest of the week, so we had to try and stay out of the sun.

That, and we ran out of sunscreen and didn’t want to pay 19+ $ for another bottle, that we most certainly did not need for back in Vancouver. I did however, manage to find the one luxury shoe store of Nine West and Westies, and bought a dazzling new pair of sandals. Now I just have to wait about 6 months til I can wear them at home… Hmmm… Maybe we should have stayed in Mexico. One thing I did love was all the coconut, in the Pina Colada’s as well as in all the delicious baked goods. I’m definitely going to have to search for some great new recipes including coconut.  Soon. I think I’m going through sugar withdraws. Today we ate a small breakfast, followed by some quinoa-greek salad. We had to split a caramel bar my mom gave us for Valentine’s before we left, our sugar levels were out of whack. I think dessert after lunch and dinner should be a new routine, don’t you? If you have any Coconut, or Vanilla ( I bought two giant bottles! ) recipes please let me know! My sugar level would really appreciate it =)

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  • Reply Michelle February 24, 2011 at 6:37 AM

    Sounds like a wonderful (and warm!) trip. : ) Wish some of that warmth would work its way to my house.

  • Reply Alicia February 25, 2011 at 12:37 PM

    Thanks! Yes I know! I want some warmth here too!!

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