Seattle Eats: Chaco Canyon Cafe

March 26, 2013

Every time we go down to Seattle I try to research some places to eat around Pike Place Market. We’ve eaten at Beechers, and a little sandwich place which I can’t remember. We’ve also eaten at the Purple Cafe & Wine Bar (though the pizza was incredibly greasy!) However, all the ‘touristy’ places are always busy and a lot of the times the food is just ok. Though the mac and cheese from Beecher’s was amazing.

This time, I wanted to find some places outside of the downtown district. After asking on Twitter for some Seattle blogger recommendations, I came across Emily’s blog Daily Garnish. I think I spent an entire night scrolling through her Seattle posts, she’s a new resident to the area too. She is a vegetarian and had some delicious looking posts on vegan and vegetarian eats around Seattle.

Although I’m not a vegan, or vegetarian, but most days I’m ‘Vegetarian before dinner.’ I’ll have oats or a smoothie for breakfast, salad or veggies and humus etc for lunch, and then a main dish for dinner that probably contains some sort of meat. Although, I do make a lot of vegetable main dishes for dinner too. It’s funny when most people think about it we’re ‘accidental’ vegetarians a few days a week – I know I am for sure.

After looking through this post I chose Chaco Canyon Cafe. Chaco Canyon is Washington’s first Certified Organic and Vegetarian Cafe. The pictures she posted of the food looked delicious – and filling.

Now, Adam is a meat lover. No doubt about it. However, he is always willing to try something new, and let’s be honest he doesn’t do the cooking so he pretty much has to eat whatever I make. So when I asked him if he’d be willing to check it out he said sure – what a sport.

Chaco Canyon has two locations, West Seattle, and the one we stopped at on our way down to Seattle that is located in the University District. There was also a farmers market just across the street, though we didn’t go because of border restrictions for produce – dang!

Here’s what we ordered:

Blue Green Blast The perfect blend of delicious and healthy: blueberries, bananas, fresh apple juice, and green superfood powder.

The Hippie Bowl House made garlic tahini drizzled over baked tofu, high-protein quinoa, fresh carrots, sprouts, and topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds.

Lentil Burger Seattle’s Best Veggie Burger is accentuated by our delectable special sauce and served on a grilled potato roll with vegenaise, marinated onions, cucumber, sprouts and bread & butter pickles. $12.95 With a side of ‘Cheesy’ Potato Soup

Of course we also had to sample a little dessert, two cookie. Adam liked the Hazelnut one, and I liked the cowboy one. Both had a hint of banana in them – yum.

I would definitely come back to Chaco Canyon. Adam’s Lentil burger was seriously ‘Seattle’s best veggie burger’ – not that I had another to compare it to, but it was super moist with delicious flavouring, and the entire burger was mouthwatering. The Soup was ok, and the Hippie bowl was good, definitely filling and the dressing was delicious, however next time I would try another sandwich.

So, if you’re vegan, vegetarian, or sometimes-vegetarian I would definitely recommend stopping by here on your way down to Seattle.

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