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You’re the Peanut Butter to my Jelly

February 3, 2014

peanut butter cupspnbg pn

Although, Adam actually doesn’t like peanut butter. So I guess I’m the peanut butter, and he’s the jelly. Specifically raspberry jelly. 

With Valentine’s day coming up I thought about all of my favourite ingredients that seem to go together naturally. Peanut butter and jam (or jelly) definitely popped into my mind. A natural pair, or duo. They compliment each other with a little sweet and salty. An original couple. 

Seeing as how Valentine’s Day is about couples I wanted to create some recipes that were great for sharing. These made huge chocolate cups, so half of one would be enough – although I did eat an entire one to myself (hello stomachache). 

They’re simple to make, and store easily. You could even bundle them up in a to-go package to spread the love. 

cups pb jam

I was going to use regular Jam, but Adam assured me Jelly was different (because there aren’t any seeds.) Seeing as how I didn’t have jelly I decided to improvise. To make jelly simply warm up regular jam then push it through a mesh sieve, the seeds will be removed and you’ll have smooth jelly. Easy. 



Peanut Butter & Jelly Cups
Classic PB & Jelly wrapped in chocolate for a sweet treat
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  1. 6-8 Squares Dark Chocolate
  2. 1 tsp. Coconut oil
  3. 2 Tbs. Raspberry Jam
  4. 3 Tbs. Natural Peanut Butter
  1. Line a muffin tin with paper liners (makes 4 large cups, or 6 mini cups)
  2. Place chocolate and coconut oil in top of double boiler and stir until melted.
  3. Microwave raspberry jam for 30-45 seconds until smooth and runny. Push through a sieve to remove any seeds. Set aside.
  4. Using a small spoon pour melted chocolate into bottom of paper liners, place in fridge or freezer to harden 2-3 minutes. Remove.
  5. Spoon dollop of peanut butter on top, then the raspberry jelly.
  6. Spoon rest of melted chocolate on top to cover, place back into fridge/freezer to harden.
  1. Store in fridge.
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Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Recipes (Vegan, Wheat-Free, Dairy-Free options)

January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Round upWith Valentine’s day quickly approaching I thought I would compile a list of recipes that you might want to make for your Valentine this February 14th. 

Lots of the recipes are Vegan, Wheat-Free or Dairy-Free so that all of your sweethearts can enjoy a chocolatey treat. 

These recipes might look indulgent, but some of them have hidden good-for-you ingredients like banana, avocado, or fruit. 

1. Homemade Graham Crackers – so much better than store bought. Deliver these in a mini valentine’s mailbox. 

2. Homemade Marshmallows – perfect to sandwich between two homemade Graham Crackers and a piece of dark chocolate. 

3. Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes with Natural Peanut Butter Frosting – great to bring into the office, or for all of your valentine’s crushes. 

4. Chocolate Dipped Strawberries – a must. Easy to prepare, easy to enjoy. 

5. Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse – made with cashews, just as silky smooth as the original.

6. Decadent Banana Brownies topped with Avocado Ganache – rich and dense, with a frosting that is too good to be true. 

7. Three-Ingredient Chocolate Avocado Mousse – thick and decadent, perfect for sharing. 

8. Chocolate Cupcakes – a moist cupcake topped with fluffy chocolate fudge buttercream. 


Cupcakes, Valentine's Day

Homemade Valentine’s Cupcakes

February 13, 2012

When I was younger I loved making crafts. Growing up that love never really stopped. I was into craft-booking for a while, and of course baking now. But I still love doing crafts. I remember in elementary school you would make your own valentine’s, out of red, pink and white cardboard paper and white doilies. They were always heart shaped, usually the type you fold in half, and then open up to the card. I’ve mentioned before that I volunteer at an elementary school as part of my application to the teaching program. I said I would bring in a special treat for Valentine’s day. I was inspired to create cupcakes that looked like edible Valentine’s like the one’s children make. They work incredibly well with the fondant, it cuts like buttah. I used a scalloped edge scissor for most of the hearts.

I actually used craft scissors, the fancy ones, I have an entire block of about 15 different patterns, to make the fondant hearts look like doily’s. I layered them with pink and red fondant hearts to look like a homemade Valentine card. They turned out quite cute. I used the ‘postal’ scissors to make a little Valentine’s ‘Stamp.’

They are rich chocolate cupcakes with whipped buttercream frosting. Perfectly sweet for your Valentine.

This is the first year we are home for Valentine’s Day since Adam and I started dating. The first year, we celebrated the night before, as he left on the 14th for Mexico for two weeks with his company, escaping the craziness that was the Olympics. Last year, we were both in Mexico for Valentine’s day, in Cabo!

However, though I had big plans for Valentine’s Day this year, staying in making a delicious dinner, and of course an indulgent dessert followed by a movie, they will be slightly altered due to my ongoing allergy elimination diet. The only silver lining is that tomorrow I can start to introduce beef! Which means we can both enjoy a nice steak for dinner. I have also been ok eating beans, so we’ll have some green beans, along with potatoes, maybe these super cute heart potatoes, or hasselback, and of course a salad, with only olive oil for dressing. I will definitely be making some chocolate dipped strawberries, because you have to have a little chocolate on Valentine’s, and I may go crazy if I don’t eat some chocolate soon.

Hope the kids are excited for these cupcakes tomorrow as their lunch time treat.

‘Send’ some love with these Valentine’s Stationery inspired cupcakes.

To make, you can use your favourite chocolate cupcake recipe, or try this Devil’s Food Cake recipe I used for my Valentine’s Day Cupcakes before

To make the Whipped Buttercream you will need:
  • 1 cup unsalted butter, room temperature
  • 4-5 cups icing sugar
  • 1-2 tbs milk
  1. In a stand mixer, cream butter on medium with whisk attachment for a few minutes, about 3-5 minutes until really light and creamy. Stop a few times to scrape down sides of bowl with spatula.
  2. Once it reaches the ‘whipped’ texture, sift in icing sugar one cup at a time. Mix on low to incorporate, and then increase once all icing sugar is incorporated fully.
  3. Add another cup of icing sugar, and repeat. Adding 1-2 tbs of milk once it begins to thicken. You want it quite soft, and whipped so that a spatula can run through it easily, but still keep its shape on either side, not caving in.
  4. Once you have incorporated enough icing sugar to reach desired consistency, you can transfer it to a piping bag. I use Ateco #848.

Cupcakes can be stored at room temperature for one day.