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Holiday DIY: Pinecone Tree Ornaments

December 5, 2013

DIY Pinecone Ornament


This year our holiday home decor is natural and rustic. In the past we’ve had lots of glittery, shiny ornaments and decorations for Christmas. 

This is our second first ‘official’ Christmas in our new house. We moved into our house one year ago this month. We received our keys on November 30th, 2012. I say it’s our second first ‘official’ Christmas because I was just finishing my short practicum, moving into our house in the beginning/middle of December and having Christmas all at the same time. It was a bit chaotic to say the least. 

Even though we did put up our fake little Christmas tree the week we moved in (It was a must), it wasn’t full on Christmas due to the unopened boxes, no furniture and complete craziness of unpacking and setting up.

This year, despite my being sick this past week, it feels like Christmas has arrived.

Our tree is up, somewhat decorated (still need another set of lights, decorations etc), there is garland on the stairs and a holiday wreath on the door.

The overall feel of our home decor is simple, natural and comfortable. We love to do a lot of  entertaining and want our guests to feel at home and relaxed when they visit. Adam and I both love a lot of unique wood furniture, rustic pieces and natural leather. I would say our colour scheme is white, natural wood tones, greens and grey. 

For Christmas I wanted our decor to feel natural too. Lots of wood ornaments and decor, whites and a touch of Christmas red. 

These little pinecone ornaments are incredibly easy to make and are a natural accent to any Christmas tree. 

DIY Pinecone Ornament

DIY Pinecone Tree Ornaments

You will need:

  • Hot Glue Gun
  • 10-15 Pinecones (find these at craft stores or dollar stores)
  • Christmas Ribbon (any style, I got mine at Michaels for about $2 a roll)
  • Scissors


1. Place your glue-gun on a protected surface (I like to use a paper bag) and plug in to heat. 

diy pinecone decor

2. Cut your ribbon into 2-3 inch pieces, one for each pinecone. 

DIY Pinecone Ornament

3. When the glue gun is ready, place a drop of hot glue on one end of the ribbon (patterned side up) and fold the other end to meet it making a circle. Pinch together for a few seconds until set, and place aside to cool. 

4. Repeat with all the ribbons.

5. Once your ribbon is glued together in a loop, take one of the ribbons and place a drop of hot glue onto the bottom where the two ends meet (where you glued it the first time) and quickly stick to the bottom (flat surface) of the pinecone. Press gently for 10 seconds and set aside to cool completely. 

6. Repeat with all the ribbon loops and pinecones. Allow to fully cool and set before placing on the tree. 

DIY Pinecone Ornament

DIY Pinecone Ornament

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