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March 21, 2012

Allergy season has officially begun. I have tried to stay on my food elimination diet for my food allergies, kinda, however, while on this diet I am not able to take any allergy medication that would mask the allergic reactions I may get from the foods. Thus, I either suffer through the allergies or take the medicine and try to stick to the diet best I can.

Well, even when I take the allergy medicine there is still no relief. After about 20 years of allergies I think my body has built up an immunity to all allergy medicines. They never seem to do anything for me anymore. It’s like taking a placebo, I’ll try and trick my mind into thinking the allergy pill I just took will work immediately and I will begin to feel better, but just a little while later I’ll still be sniffling and sneezing away. I really hope I don’t pass on these allergies to my future children. It sucks. Spring and Summer sucks. I also read on my allergy food information page that because my grass allergies are the highest they can be, and I believe it!, that this time of year is when Alder and Birch are really bad, and this can be affected even more so by other food allergies that counter-react with them. Awesome.

Bottom line, allergies suck and I would like to be able to breath out of both of my nostrils sometime soon.

I really didn’t take very good photos yesterday for WIAW this week.

Breakfast was cereal, as usual right now for the allergy diet that I’m sorta-kinda on still. (recycled photo)

Lunch was leftover chicken and roasted broccoli from the night before. No picture evidence because it was eaten so quickly.

For dinner we had Adam’s mom over as his dad is on a business trip this week, and my mom came by for coffee after dinner too. I decided to make a pork tenderloin I had in the fridge, Italian style with rosemary and basil with olive oil, along with roasted veggies, potato and sweet potato, and baby broccoli. I didn’t take a picture, but had leftovers today so it was basically the same thing. It was good.

Tonight Adam and I took Lainey to the urban nature park near our house. It’s a really large park with trails through the forest and a man made lake in the middle. I always read about the Fitnessista’s walks in their canyons in Phoenix, however here in British Columbia we don’t have many giant canyons full of cacti. We do, however, have vast forests and mountains.

It’s a really nice walk through the trails and Lainey was looking a little cabin-feverish tonight. She’s getting groomed in the morning so I thought it would be nice to take her out for a long walk tonight before the torture tomorrow. She shakes like a leaf whenever I bring her in, and when I pick her up she shakes in excitement screaming “take me home!!” She looks very pretty though all short and sassy. When her hair gets long we start calling her scruffy.

Lainey and I both needed to get out of the house for a little walk. (note Pinterest in the background..) We went for a nice half hour walk.

The urban park has some eerie looking trails that wind through it.

It kind of reminds me of Twilight. Ya, I went there. I wouldn’t mind running into a vampire in these woods if you know what I mean.. 😉

Once you’re out of the forest though the sun was shining through the clouds.

It’s also really pretty when the sun is setting just over the park. The reflections on the lake are gorgeous. Some boys were even fishing for trout.

Now that we’re back home, the allergies have begun again. It’s a lose-lose situation.

Tonight I prepped a recipe I’m trying out tomorrow. Stay tuned to see what I did with this ingredient!

For now we’re going to re-watch inception to try and see if we can figure out what the heck that movie was about. Again.

Have a good night!


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  • Reply Koko March 21, 2012 at 9:47 PM

    Louuuuu! I don’t get hay fever or anything, but you should go to your nearest health food store and ask about nettles….nettles prepared as tea have been shown to help as a natural solution. Maybe something like that would work if you can’t take medicine?? Just a thought!!

    • Reply Alicia March 21, 2012 at 9:55 PM

      I will definitely check it out 🙂 Thanks for the info!!

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