Happy Birthday, Lainey.

May 8, 2014




Today is a very important day – It is Lainey’s 10th birthday.

10 years ago my mom made a decision that would bring little Lainey into our lives forever. 


I wrote about how we got Lainey here (2012) and here (2013). We actually knew when she was born, she was our neighbours litter. However, we wouldn’t have her as part of our own family until a month later. She was brought to us in a time of need and has helped more than she could ever know. I will always remember that summer morning I woke up surrounded by family, a little ball of white and brown fur walking up over my bed towards me and snuggling into my face. 

My mom jokes that Lainey is my shadow – wherever I go, she goes. From the moment I wake up, until the minute we go to bed (together, under the covers of course) she is by my side.


We have three floors in our house, and if I go from upstairs to downstairs or leave a room where she is, she will follow. She will run up and down the stairs all day. Even if I leave the room for only a minute to put something away or get something, up she’ll get from her warm comfy spot on the couch, blanket, or pillow and come to see where I am – usually cocking her head to the side as if to say  “what’s up?” I try to tell her, as if she understands, to “stay here” but she always follows.

 Although, I believe she understands lots of things I say 😉 At least she knows walk, bone, hungry, food, bedtime, up and at ’em, lets go. Everything but stay I guess you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 


Lainey is my shadow, she’s walked by my side through the bright times, and the not so bright times. It’s really hard to believe that she is 10 years old – she is still so much like a puppy to me. Everyone always thinks she is a puppy because she is still so small. She loves children, and they always think she is a puppy when they see her. 

Lainey is the most spoiled, lucky dog as we say. My mom would love to help all of the dogs in the world, but she always says if she can’t help them all she will just love the one she has. So, Lainey has a pretty good life. And really, that’s all a dog can do – is ask to be loved, and taken care of. 

A good long walk, new toy and bone are always good every now and then too. Plus endless cuddles, nap laps and head pats. A nice big comfy queen sized bed will also do for a dog bed. She really does take over a large portion of the bed for such a small dog. 

We always include Lainey in all of our family photographs, holidays, birthdays – because she is, part of the family. 

I had to laugh when I was at work the other day in a Kindergarten class, because of the book a student was reading. It was as if someone was writing about Lainey (which I would love to do).

This is Lainey to a point:


Lainey is also always up for a good Cheez-It.

IMG_5505IMG_5507It’s her birthday – she gets what she wants. 



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    She has been the best pet ever !
    Great write up !

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