Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day Box of Chocolate’s

February 14, 2012

This is the last Valentine’s day recipe I’ll post! But it is so easy, anyone can make it. Really. It takes about 20 minutes from start to finish, no baking, super easy and looks as decadent as they are delicious. You can pick up the ingredients on the way home from work tonight. They are the perfect addition to a lovely dinner in. Which is what Adam and I have planned for this evening, an allergy- friendly dinner of steak, potatoes, green beans and lettuce. Along with a movie.

Instead of giving your loved one a box of over priced chocolates, pick up some strawberries, I got two boxes for $4, and some chocolate (you can buy from bulk! Chocolate dipping wafers, dark or milk) and you can also add coconut, if you want to really make them special. They are just as sweet, but even better because it also contains fruit ūüėČ

To make the Box of Valentine’s Chocolates you will need:
1-2 pkg. of Strawberries, thoroughly washed and patted dry with paper towel.
1/2-1 cup chocolate, chunks, chips or chocolate bar broken up.
Optional: Coconut, or crushed nuts to decorate
In a small pot, add about 1/2 cup of water. Place glass/metal bowl on top, so that it seals shut. Place on medium-low, you only want it to simmer. Alternatively, if you have a double broiler you can use that.
Add chocolate, dark milk or white, and carefully watch it so that it begins to melt, but not burn. Use a spatula or wooden spoon to stir occasionally until completely melted.
Now, you can remove the bowl onto a heat-proof surface, it will be quite hot, or I just leave mine on the stove top simmering while I dip the strawberries to make sure the chocolate consistency remains the same. Once it begins to cool down it will not harden, but become thick and make it difficult to ‘dip’
You can also take the whole pot off and place it on a heat-proof surface or hot plate, and keep the bowl on top, as the water will not cool down very fast once it has been heated up.
Dip strawberries, one by one into the chocolate, shaking off excess. Place onto cutting board or plate that is lined with parchment paper. Once you have filled the plate/cutting board place in fridge to harden completely.

These are best eaten the same day, straight from the fridge. If you take them out I would advice only about 10 minutes, or else they will begin to warm up.

I placed mine in a little heart plastic dish I bought from the dollar store, using mini-cupcake liners, valentine’s themed, to place each one in.

You can keep this plate in the fridge until you are ready to enjoy.

Have a good Valentine’s Day!

You can also refer to my other posts about chocolate dipped strawberries Here & Step by Step Instructions Here

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