An Italian Christmas Eve – Buon Natale!

December 29, 2015

there’s always such a big build up to christmas, and then just like that – it’s all over. 


– our first christmas as mr & mrs –

adam and i hosted our italian christmas eve at our house, with a big thanks to my brother for helping to make all of the food. we had 19 people for dinner, including a surprise guest – my other brother who flew down on christmas eve! no one knew about it, which was a surprise in itself because at least one person is always in on it, but this time he surprised us all and showed up at the front door just in time for dinner. it really was an awesome christmas surprise! 



adam and i have prepped the house, ready for the guests to arrive – all the baked goods were ready, we had candied salmon, smoked salmon and goat cheese + crackers for appetizers. since it’s christmas eve, italians are not supposed to eat any meat – instead we only eat fish. the ‘fest of seven fishes’ is the traditional italian dinner for christmas eve. 

my brother made the tuna seafood pasta sauce, and the mussels and prawns, i baked two massive pieces of salmon a friend of ours caught up in the queen charlottes this summer, and we also had baccala that my nonna made. there was so much food we could barely eat it all. you’d think with seafood it wouldn’t be as filling, but after the pasta and platefuls of prawns and mussels i almost had no room left for the fish – but of course, i did. 



to top it all off i made tiramisu, we had panettone, pizzelle, baci, lots of chocolates and other baked goods with espresso. 

it was such an amazing night, and truly one of the best christmas eve’s with the entire family here for this first time in a very long time. i love keeping traditions going, and i can’t wait for next year!

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