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August 8, 2011

So this past weekend I said we went on a culinary store adventure downtown. First stop was Anthropologie. I already want to go back there. Like, now. Somehow I think Adam will make me wait a little while until, ya know, maybe when I have a job and I’m not a poor student? Maybe. We’ll see about that one…

Anyways, what I did buy I absolutely love. I said before we were trying to decide on those cute little knobs, but we could not agree on one, and I probably had about 5 favourites. They were about 8-14$ each so I didn’t want to choose something we both wouldn’t like in the apartment.

Remember these mugs? I saw them as soon as I walked to the back of the store. I have seen them all over the blog-sphere and obviously, wanted to jump on the mug bandwagon. I don’t even drink coffee. I do have tea though, and that requires a mug right? Well, I was swooning over them when Adam came up and while I was saying I wanted one, he quickly informed me that we already owned one. WHAT? How could I not know this?? We have lived together for a year this month! How did this escape me?? I guess not drinking out of a mug every day will show me. But, alas, when we got home he produced an A mug from the cupboard. Apparently his mom bought it for him! All I want to know is, where’s mine?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ hehe just kidding! See, we have the same initial, A (Alicia & Adam), so I GUESS we can share. Though, secretly, I wanted to buy another one anyways. Maybe a C for my last name??

For now, I can rest assured we have one in our house that I can use ๐Ÿ™‚ I am now apart of the initial club mug. Do you own one? What’s your initial??

I found this pretty little flower bowl in the sale section of Anthropologie. I always take off my jewelry at the end of the day while I’m doing homework or blogging on my computer in the living room. Now I have a cute little place to put it, so I’m not running around looking for it or asking Adam for the 100th time if he has seen my earrings.

I couldn’t not go home with a few of those little colourful bowls. I chose four of the smaller ones, 3$ each in a few different colours. I love them for using when taking photos for the blog, and for prep bowls. They also had purple, blue, brown, and red. These colours go well with our apartment colours and were so brightly coloured.

I love this bowl. I am always looking for unique and pretty serving dishes. Our poor little kitchen cupboards are about to burst. But a bowl like this can be on display on the counter as well. Maybe a fruit bowl? That would make it our third fruit bowl.

There was something else that caught my attention while we were shopping in Anthro. Did you notice whe was behind those pretty intial mugs? ^^ A wall of magazine stacks. I pointed it out to Adam and he agreed that it looked pretty sweet, and totally able to do this at home. It’s just a stack of similar magazines, 8-10 stacked together and bundled with zap-straps. Luckily I have an electrician boyfriend, with ample amounts of zap-straps at his disposal.

Ta-Da! Seriously, so simple and it looks good! A great way to keep magazines in order that you don’t want to throw away. Plus, you can keep adding to it as you go. I’ll definitely be adding more!

The best part? It’s free, and re-uses soemthing you’ve already got. I found this pic on pinterest:

Love. Give it a try! & Stack up some Magazines






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