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O Christmas Tree

December 3, 2013

our tree

This past weekend Adam and I began a new Christmas tradition that I hope we keep up each year.

We drove up to Squamish (which is a small town just before Whistler, BC) to pick out and cut down our very first ‘real’ Christmas tree with his sister, brother-in-law and our adorable niece. If you live in the Vancouver Lower Mainland area you can obtain a free tree permit online.

auntie aisha

Seriously how cute is this picture of Adam and our niece hunting for a tree.


The past 3 years we had a fake tree because our old condo building did not allow for real trees due to fire hazards.

Truthfully, I haven’t had a real Christmas tree in 9 years.

Picking out the Christmas tree was always a tradition my Dad and I did together. We would go down to the Boy Scout’s tree sale or the local garden nursery to pick out a tree. I’m not sure why but it seemed that it was always just the two of us as I got a little older. I didn’t mind. 

My Dad was a landscaper and loved being outdoors. I can only imagine that putting up the Christmas tree was one of his favourite things about Christmas.

We had some pretty epic Christmas trees in the past, including one so large we had to tie it to the roof with twine only to hear it fall over and smash onto the glass coffee table in the middle of the night. I remember a few Christmas trees falling over in our living room.

My favourite tree my Dad and I picked out was something of a Charlie Brown tree. It was tall with a few sparse branches. We both loved it, however my mom was not a fan. We brought it home and put it up proudly.  

After Dad passed away it was difficult to go out and get our tree without him. Instead we had this sad mini white fibre optic tree ever since, which my brother decided it needed to ‘spin faster’ one year and broke the base. Then Adam and I had our fake skinny apartment tree. 

And now – we have a real live, 9-foot tall huge Christmas tree that we picked out and cut down ourselves. Just a warning – trees in the forest seem smaller than they do in your house. The tree is gigantic, even after trimming the top, bottom and sides. 

Right now it stands bare in our living room with a few lights on it – unfortunately I have a painful ear infection, cough and cold that is keeping me from decorating every inch of our house in Christmas decor. 

I kind of like it this way though – I feel as if I’m sitting in a forest.

Maybe we need to have more plants in the house.

What is your Christmas tradition? Are you a fake tree person? Or the real deal? Do you like to chop down your own tree? 


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