December 7, 2012

As I write this my fingers smell of freshly diced garlic and fresh basil.

And I’m ok with that because this appetizer is delicious and as an Italian we’re pretty much born with basil in our blood.

Many Italian recipes begin with simple ingredients like tomatoes, basil or parsley and garlic. While I was in Italy this summer I had some of the best homemade pasta dishes in my life that had under 5 ingredients in them for the sauce. Fresh is always best. And, as my Nonna says ‘Italy is the best.”

My Nonna is one of (I say one of and not THE only because I have a feeling all Italians think this way) the most committed Italian citizen with an undying love for her country. Although she’s lived in Canada longer than she lived in Italy by now, she remans utterly loyal to everything Italian. From food to home furnishings, if it’s not Italian it’s not worth its salt.

{ Giueseppe making sauce }

It was quite the experience to go to Italy this summer with her to visit where my father was born. My Nonna makes the trip almost every single year back to her home country, and this year we met in Southern Italy for two weeks. It was amazing, and as my Nonna kept reminding me “You better eat a lot because you won’t find this in Vancouver!”

She was definitely right. However, I’d like to think I can still try and cook fresh delicious Italian cuisine in my own kitchen, even if it is a pale comparison to my Nonna’s authentic cooking in Italy.

If you’re looking for a little Italian apply to bring with you this season, this Bruschetta is a delicious, fresh appetizer that takes no time at all.

It’s easy to create with no baking (unless you make your own Crostini.. but my poor planning to go to a WalMart with no bakery, and no Baguettes, forced me to buy pre-made..Don’t tell my Nonna). And of course it’s seasonal colours, red and green.

Tonight I’m going to a girls Christmas get together, and after the week I’ve had I am in dire need of a little partay. I’m eagerly looking forward to the holiday season and all of the get togethers with family and friends we have lined up.

To Make Fresh Bruschetta You will Need:

Fresh Basil

 Grape Tomatoes

Diced in half

Finely Diced Garlic

Chopped basil

Fresh Bruschetta:

  • Olive Oil (2-3 tbs)
  • Grape Tomatoes ( 2-3 packages )
  • Garlic  ( 3-4 cloves )
  • Fresh Basil
  • Salt/Pepper to taste
Chop the grape tomatoes in half and place in medium bowl. Dice/chop the garlic and add to tomatoes. Chop or tear (like I do) the basil into small pieces and add to bowl. Drizzle a good amount of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and mix well. Set aside in bowl on counter to marinate – do not refrigerate.
To make Crostini, pre-heat one to 400 Degrees.
Slice baguette into thin slices and place in single layer on baking sheet. Drizzle with olive oil on both sides and bake for 10-15 minutes, and turn to bake additional 5-10 mins on other side. Remove from oven and let cool. Slice a piece of garlic and rub onto cooled crostini. Top with Bruschetta!


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